The Mono high resolution Peak Meter .
The S3-TK-PM is a mono high resolution Peak Meter that can be used for all versions of mono input modules in the meterbridge of the SRC51 Surround Console and the ToolCon Live Console. The meter has 40 LED's and a range from + 15 dB to - 40 dB.

Mono LED Peakmeter TK-PM

The Mono Peak Meter completes the range of the Surround Console modules. These modules have electronically balanced inputs, 40 LED's, and can process signal levels as high as +30 dBu in the frequency band without reaction on the connected source. The Mono Led peak meter display ranges from -40 to +15dB and the 0 dB levels can be adjusted over a wide area.

The resolution of the peak meter is 1dB in the +15dB to -20 dB level range, below -20 dB the resolution is dB.

The Led peak meter complies with the DIN 45405 and has an accuracy of < ±0.25dB for all levels above - 30 dB. The response time is 10ms from -1dB with a 10 oscillation burst of a 1kHz frequency @ 0dB level and can be changed to 1ms with an internal jumper. The release time is 1.5 s for 20 dB and is linear in the lower area of the display.

The TK-PM Peakmeter can be used with the all mono input module versions of the SRC51 Surround Console and the ToolCon Live Console systems.

Mono Peak Meter