Compressor and Gate Dynamics Unit.
The TKC-DN is a Dynamics Processor that combines a versatile Compressor and a fully featured Noise Gate with hi-pass and low-pass filters in one unit. The device can be used in the surround console's meter bridge and in the ToolCon live console system to add addttional processing power to a channel.

Compressor - Noise Gate
Dynamics Processor

The TKC-DN is a dynamics processor that combines a versatile compressor and a fast noise gate with side chain filters. The design of the Dynamics Processor is optimized for the treatment of any kind of instruments and covers all necessary functions and features. Many additional features and adjustable control of the features make this unit an essential tool for any kind of dynamic processing.

The dynamics processor comes with electronically balanced inputs and outputs. The functions of the unit are regulated by several VCA's. The feed forward control action allows extremely fast and accurately linear operationof all components of the dynamic processor. Compressor and noise gate are independent building block without mutual influence. This unit uses the the same circuitry as the ToolMod Compressor TM112 and theToolMod Noise Gate TM116and the Toolkit Channel Strip.

The range of the threshold is from -32dB to 18dB. The range of the Ratio is from 1:1 to infinity (limiter operation). These ranges cover all kinds of application. The release range is from 0.5 s up to 3 seconds. The Attack range is from 0.1ms up to 30 ms. The gain make-up is handled by a very accurate and auto gain that maintains a constant output level (within a 1dB range) regardless of the other parameter settings. In addition, a gain control with calibrated center position and a range of ± 20 dB is part of the dynamics processor. The compressor has precision RMS converters whose behavior can be adapted by the CREST and ENV switches to the input signal. The KNEE control has a range from 0 dB to 6 dB and affects the transition range around the threshold.

Crest factor
The switch CREST determines the reaction of the converter in relation to the peak and/or RMS value of the signal. With this facility, the control characteristic of the audio signal can be highly affected. The switch has 3 possible positions; 1, 2 and 8. In position 1, the converter operates as peak rectifier. Position 8 switches it into RMS mode. Position 2 activates a medium value that is the best choice for many applications.

The envelope control of the dynamics processor determines the reaction of the converter to low frequency. Because effective compression with a relevant increase of the loudness of the signal generally depends on a setting of a short release time and medium to long attack. The envelope setting increases the effectiveness of the compression on the low frequency edge of the signal when there is a short release setting that causes the problem of harmonic distortion.

A LED chain with 5 LED’s and 20 dB range displays the gain reduction. A separate switch activates the compressor.

Aside from the suppression of disturbances while breaks, the main application of gate is the modification of the signal's envelope. The noise gate of the dynamics processor has a very fast attack time and full control of all parameters allow a wide range of modifications.

The control range of the threshold is from +15 dB to –40 dB. The range control determines the attenuation when the gate is closed and can be adjusted in the range from 0 dB to – 70 dB. The attack ranges from 0.01 ms to 30 ms. At the 0.01 ms position the gate is open within the first 180 degrees of a 10 kHz sine wave so that the transients remain unchanged. Release time and hold time have identical variation ranges from 50 ms to 3 s. The release time determines the fade out time from 0 dB with gate open to the value that is determined by the setting of the range pot. The hold setting delays the beginning of the fade out and is started when the level drops below threshold. It is retriggered if the level exceeds the threshold level.

A 12 dB/oct high pass and a low pass filter part of the gate side chain. The wide ranges of the filters are from >15 kHz to 50 Hz for the low pass and from < 40 Hz to 8 kHz for the high pass filter. The FILT switch inserts the filters into the gate side chain.

The operation of the gate is displayed by five LED’s. Green shows that the gate is open, yellow displays that the hold time is running and 3 red show the attenuation fo the gate in 10 dB steps. A switch activates the gate section.

Gate and Compressor are independend circuits. The output of the compressor drive the input of the gate. The PRE switch reverse gate and compressor.

The TKC-DN dynamics processor fits into the meter bridge of the SRC51 Surround Console and of the ToolCon live console system. It can be used with any mono input module of these systems.

Dynamics ProcessorDynamics Processor