The Stereo Input Module
This module is the Stereo Line Input module for the SRC51 Surround Console. The unit has one stereo input and a stereophonic insert section. It is compatible with the mono input unit and the 5.1 input channel and can be used for every line level stereo source and as Stereo Sub Group Master.

The Stereo Module IS5 is adapted to the basic structure of the IM5 QuinMod mono input module; however, it is self evident that there many differences. The IS5 has ta stereo version of the 4-band equalizer. Stereo dynamics modules can be installed in the meterbridge. In addition to the stereo line input, special features make possible to use the stereo input module as stereo audio sub group master for any pair of the 16 groups of the SRC51 surround console independent of the module slot where the channel is installed.