The SRC51 Console Frame
The SRC51 Surround Console is available in many versions. The smallest version is a rack-mounted system with 8 channels and a master section. The system covers the range up to a framesize of 3 meters and up to 64 channels.

Frames from 8 channel version to 64 channel versions, 8 channel rack-mounted versions, table-top version, build-in versions and stand-alone version with floorstand are available. Since the SRC51 system is modular, large frames with only a few modules are possible. You can start with a few channels and upgrade the system step by step

Detailed Information about the SRC51 Frame, the different versions and sizes and the connector panel is at work and will be uploaded as soon as possible. If you need to know something now, please ask

Since the SRC51 uses the same frame as the BC3 range of broadcast consoles with a different set of wiring pcb's, different modules, meters, and connector panels you can download the BC3 installation manual
This manual contains all information about the frame sizes, dimensions of the system, frame versions and some general information about the entire system. Please, consider that the system specific information referes to the BC3 system and not the SRC51. The connector panels, connector pinning and most of the broadcast specific details are not valid for the SRC51 surround console system.