In addition to the Surround Console there are several other analog audio units for 5.1 format. The Director Surround Controller can be used to upgrade an existing stereo console or to build up a high-end, stand-alone mastering desk. Dimensions allows the modification of the spatial components of 5.1 program. The Dynaround Surround-Mastering Dynamics-Processor includes special features for the treatment of 5.1 material.

More Surround Sound Systems

adt-audio is still producing a whole range of console systems for all versions of Surround Sound. Nowadays, 5.1 Surround Sound is of crucial importance. Apart from the surround console systems, there are some other devices especially for use with 5.1 sound.

DIRECTOR Surround Sound Controller

Director Remote Control Section with all OptionsThe 5.1 Surround Sound Controller System DIRECTOR makes it possible to upgrade an existing stereo console for Surround Sound and to build up stand alone Surround mastering system as well. The system is modular, and every building block of the entire system can be combined with the other components. The feature list of a Director system depends on the selection and combination of modules. All the required features are existing. In this way it is possible to make a small , low cost system with only the basic building blocks, or fully fledged mastering unit with all the optional features. All the controls of the Director are small format remote cassette that can be mounted up to 10 meters away from the rack-mounted, main frame.

more about DIRECTOR HERE

Surround Direction and Base Width Controller

The 2U high Surround Direction Control Unit Dimensions
The DIMENSIONS unit is a unique device that uses the principle of the old M/S technology to regulate base width and direction after the L/R signal is converted into M/S format. Dimensions offer this technology for 5.1 program material. The M/S technology is is implemented separately in the left - right and front - surround direction. Additional equalizers can be inserted in the M/S chains and allow treatment of a spatial signal in an unknown way. Beside there are elliptical equalizers to enhance the compatibility in both the width and the depth of the room. Certainly the Dimensions is one of interesting devices of adt-audio's module pallet.

Surround Mastering Dynamic Processor

Dynaround 5.1 Compressor, Limiter and Expander
DYNAROUND is a complete Surround Sound Dynamics Processor for mastering applications with a sophisticated compressor, based on the U796 stereo mastering device of the V700 series , a very fast Limiter and an Expander. The units is a 6 channel regulation amplifiers but it operates not only 6 channels in parallel. Several additional control make it possible to modify the coupling of the front and the surround channels and to determine the regulation signal source in any relation of front and surround. These features give the opportunity to to control effects of strange regulations when the surround signal, which is primarily a spatial signal in most cases increases its level and determines the regulation of the front channels.

Of course - like all adt-audio equipment - DYNAROUND, DIMENSIONS and DIRECTOR are analog audio systems of the highest performance level.

adt-audio offers Surround Sound equipment for more than 10 years. In 1992, the first surround sound mixing console was delivered. At that time the standard format was 5 channel HDTV-Sound. The first 5.1 console was delivered in 1994. In addition to 5.1 versions adt-audio also offers 4 Channel (Encoder-Decoder) Surround versions of channels and master sections and customized systems up to 7.1.