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SRC51 Frame

Mono Input Module

Mono Input Module Page2

Mono Input Module Page3

Mono Input Module Page4

5.1 Input Module

Surround Master Module

Surround Monitor Module

Surround Playback Module

Surround Talkback Module

Stereo Ínput Module

Compressor Gate

Mono Meter

Stereo Meter

more Surround Devices

Surround Direction Mixer 1

Surround Direction Mixer 2

Surround Mastering Dynamic Processor 1

Surround Mastering Dynamic Processor 2

Surround Controller




High resolution photos:

64 channel Surround Console with patch bay
36 channel Surround Console with stereo and 5.1 modules
24 channel Surround Console with remote area
Detailed view of input modules and master section
Surround Console SRC51 64 channels

Console Block Diagrams

QuinMod Input Section
QuinMod Processing Section
QuinMod Fader Section
Playback Module external Select
Talkback Module external Select

Console Top Plate high Resolution Views

QuinMod Input Module Top Plate
Stereo Input Module Top Plate
Surround Input Module Top Plate
Surround Master Module Top Plate
Playback Module Top Plate
Talkback Module Top Plate
Dynamics Module Top Plate
Peak Meter Mono Top Plate
Peak Meter Stereo Top Plate

Surround Controller Block Diagrams:
Master Section:
Master Section Overview
Bus Amp
Insert Overview
Insert Details Page 1
Insert Details Page 2
Master Fader
Downmix Matrix
Output Drivers
additional Input Devices:
Joystick Controller
6-Channel Line Input
Surround Control Room Section:
Control Room Overview
Source Selector
Control Room Input
Meter Send
Surround Encoder Decoder Integration
Cut Solo Section
Control Room Downmix Matrix
Bass Redirector
PFL Section
Surround Volume Control

High Resolution Views
Surround Controller Main Frame View
Surround Controller Main Frame very high Resolution
Surround Controller Remote Unit with all Options
Surround Controller Remote Unit with mandatory Modules

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